Hey hey 👋
My name is Vedanth Bora.
I'm a self taught javascript developer with 2 years of professional experience as a Frontend Developer.
I've built countless side projects using my technical skills and have gained the magical powers of javascript that I use to build delightful user interfaces and interactive web applications.

my experience

  • Frontend Developer @ SCI-BI Technologies
    • Aug 2021 - Present
    • Tech Stack: React JS, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind CSS, Material UI, Google Charts, AWS Amplify.
  • Frontend Developer Intern @ DC Custo
    • Feb 2021 - May 2021
    • Tech Stack: React Js, TypeScript.

a little more…

  • In my free time, I contribute to open source projects related to JavaScript, React, TypeScript, etc. I’ve contributed to various notable open source projects by google, redis, codesandbox and many more
  • I host a developer book club on weekends where we finished reading the book Eloquent JavaScript book after 30 long weeks, and had the author of the book Marijn Haverbeke join us to conclude the last session.(twitter.com/vedanth_X0X0/status/1538533721095032833)
  • I’m also the moderator at teamtanay, India's largest web dev community on discord. I help other developers with tech stuff here. Ive also helped built a discord bot and a mock interview scheduler app here.