aWobbi is a social media application built with React/Babel (Client), Redux Toolkit for state management, Tailwind CSS for styling, Node(API) and MongoDb for DB and realtime chat and notifications. Auto formatted with Prettier, linted with ESLint.

tech Stack

Client: React, Redux Toolkit, TailwindCSS,
Server: Node, Express,


  • Upload Multiple Pictures in one Post.
  • Use camera to click and upload pictures.
  • All CRUD operations on Posts, Comments, Messages.
  • Realtime chat and notification using
  • Infinite Scroll for messages on chat.
  • Pagination for posts and comments.
  • Authentication using jsonwebtoken and Cookies
  • Light/dark mode toggle
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Upload pictures to Cloudinary
  • Search users
  • Suggest Users to follow.
  • Reply to comments


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