June 1, 2021


instaBuy is an e-commerce application built with Next Js. It has a admin login and user login, admins can view and add products, manage orders and deliveries. Its uses mongoDB to store data , react context for state management , cloudinary to store images and paypal payment integration.

test credentials

test paypal payment checkout
  • pass: B_7y3_fo
Admin Login
  • pass: 123456

tech Stack

Next JS, Material UI, MongoDB, Husky.


  • Authentication using JWT
  • Different login for admin and user
  • Paypal payment integration
  • Admin can perform CRUD operations for products ,orders and users.
  • Filters for products (price, category, brand, sortBy)
  • Add reviews on products
  • Search for products
  • Image upload on cloudinary
  • SSR using Next JS
  • Pagination for products page
  • React Context API for state management
  • View order history


notion image
notion image
notion image
notion image
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